Step 1: Make sure to be in the course that a user will be enrolled in

Step 2: Click on “Users and Groups” in the Course Management Panel

Users and Groups Option

Step 3: Select Users

Step 4: Click on the “Find Users to Enroll” button

Find Users to Enroll button

Step 5: Enter the username (e.g. if the users email address is, their username is zsmith) of the user you want to add. If you do not know their username, click the “Browse” button to search a user.”

Step 6 (only if you choose to browse/search for a user.  If you typed in the users username, skip to step 8): Check the “User” to add to course

Step 7: Click “Submit”

Step 8: Select the appropriate role for the new user

List showing different roles: Student, instructor, teaching assistant, course builder, grader, and guest.

Step 9: Click on the “Submit” button