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 Welcome to the SEDS MSU Denver Chapter’s Website!

The MSU Denver chapter of SEDS is located on the Auraria Campus in Denver, CO. We are one of three SEDS chapters in the state of Colorado and are comprised of students from the three Auraria Campus universities/schools: Metropolitan State University of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, and Community College of Denver.

We are excited to help the Auraria Campus generate an enthusiasm for space exploration and development by hosting events, providing projects, and interacting with our fellow students.

If you are a student on the Auraria Campus and interested in joining the chapter, please click here: Join Now!

Fall 2016 Updates:

With the school season off to a fresh start the MSU Denver Flight Team looks again to a bring year of talking about the future of space. If you are a student on campus who wants to be part of enthusiasm that SEDS brings to space now is the perfect time to join.

This semester we have the amazing opportunity to be running three projects that will help bring student dreams into reality. If your interested in modeling the dynamic nature of space the systems tool kit (STK) project is up and running, they will be building projects to not only train students to use the software better; but its rare and unique features. Another project is the space law and policy project, this project is perfect for the student who seeks to understand the issues of using space and hopes to dwell on the future solutions. Finally we have the rocketry project, this component is about to launch its second competition rocket and looks to the next exciting chapter of rocket building.

At the same time, the chapter is happy to announce it will be offering on campus space talks throughout the semester. Stay tuened for further details!


Do you want to join a project or learn more? Feel free to look at out project pages and find out more.

SEDS Projects

The SEDS Rocketry Project

The SEDS Rocketry Project is a multi-phase project that was initially based only on competing in the SEDS High Powered Rocketry Competition. Now the project aims at introducing rocketry and helping members get the Level 1 High Powered Rocketry certification by building and launching their very own L1 rocket. The project then progresses to more challenging and experimental facets of rocketry that advanced students who want a good challenge, can participate in.

Click here if your interested in learning more about this project!

 SEDS Space Law and Policy Group

Are you interested in space, but want to get involved in a non-technical project? If so the space law and policy group is the place for you. As part of the project, members are able to work as a group to learn the many interesting challenges of space with regards to law and policy. We are welcome to new areas students might want to learn about in this special domain.

Want to learn more? Click Here

STK Scenario Simulations and Analysis

The STK Student Research Group provides students at Auraria the opportunity to research and analyze mission scenarios using AGI’s System Toolkit (STK). Projects scenarios have ranged from search and rescue mission visualization, space mission design and analysis, and much much more. At the moment the club is starting up a team project to demonstrate STK’s capabilities with the Battle of Britain. This will serve as a stepping stone for more advanced projects surrounding STK’s many features including astrogator.

Learn more about AGI and STK!


About Us

As a student organization we believe projects are the way to greater understanding, experience and help enhance enthusiasm. In order to provide our member base these opportunities SEDS MSU Denver has started developing several standing projects which our members can get involved with at anytime. Be looking out for these new projects on the Projects and Competitions page.

We are in the planning stages of some exciting events, check out our Upcoming Events page for more details, access links, and signup sheets.

Check the Calendar for scheduled meetings and events. Meetings are open to all members, non-members and interested parties. Stay up-to-date with unofficial SEDS activities and other local space-related events by liking our Facebook page. Please post comments about this site on the Calendar page or email them to the us at  If you want to know more about SEDS-USA, our parent organization, browse through the official SEDS USA homepage.

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