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Kahli Headshot

Kahli Bervaldi

Pursuing her B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Kahli is a Sophomore at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Kahli has always enjoyed space and the mystery behind it. Her goal is to one day work for NASA.


Francisco Hansen

Pursuing his B.S. in Aerospace Physics, Francisco is a Junior at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He works on aerodynamic analysis for the fins and nosecone. Francisco’s passions include Aviation, Astrodynamics, Rocketry, and Soccer.




Ryan Klein   

Pursuing his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Ryan is a Junior at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He works on the structural team and has been helping take our ideas and turn them into Solid Works drawings for eventual additive manufacturing. After his undergrad, Ryan hopes to go on to study Aerospace Engineering and work at one of the larger Aerospace companies like Ball or Lockheed Martin on their space exploration projects.


James Montemayor

Pursuing his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, James is a Junior at University of Colorado Denver. James is interested in the Aerospace industry with regards to air and space travel as well as defense. He has been responsible for design optimization of the main & booster stage air frames, component assembly, and the design & analysis of the aerospike nozzle.


Michelle Headshot

Michelle Plarina

Pursuing a BS in Physics with a minor in Mathematics, Michelle is currently a Sophomore at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  Michelle has been responsible for the design and implementation of the HPRP’s flight computer technology. After her undergraduate degree, she hopes to pursue an eventual PhD in Astrophysics.  Infatuated with anything space, Michelle believes that space is the key to the future of our species.


Kanchathan Wasuwatthanakul (Mac)

Pursuing his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Mac is a Senior at University of Colorado Denver. Mac has been responsible for the design of the booster stage fins, the electronics bay, the nosecone, and the coupler between the stages. Mac’s passions include facing challenges, living for adventures, and finding a beauty to rescue.


Bio’s  in progress:

Alexander Fauble

Wesley Kenison

John Nasrabadi


Seb Headshot

Sebastian Brownstein

Pursuing his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Sebastian is a Sophomore at Metropolitan State University of Denver. As the HPRP Project Lead, Sebastian organizes the team’s progress towards increasingly advanced short term goals and long term pursuits. Sebastian is responsible for encouraging and enabling the rest of the team to learn and gain experience. Sebastian hopes to one day contribute to the advancement of space plane technology through design and commercialization. His passions include space exploration, spacecraft design, eastern philosophy, and free climbing.



What is the High-Powered Rocketry Project?

The SEDS High-Powered Rocketry Project is an opportunity for students to enhance their skills and challenge their minds.

This ongoing project facilitates an environment where students will work together to learn about, design, manufacture, build, assemble, and launch high-powered rockets and reChrisSebPsychedlated technology.

With this objective in mind, SEDS @ MSU Denver is dedicated to constantly pursuing our rocketry project each and every year.



Why Should I Join the Team?

Rockets are Awesome: People have been fascinated by rockets since they were first invented, centuries ago. This is by no mere coincidence. Whether it be an Atlas V or your very own creation, there’s something about watching a rocket soar high into the air after its fiery liftoff that tends to inspire wide eyes and bursts of adrenaline.

Hands-on Experience: By joining, you’ll be able to get the kind of hands-on experience that employers are really looking for. The High-Powered Rocketry Project is the perfect place to take the things you learn in your classes and apply them to realistic engineering situations. If you have no project experience, you’re perfect for the team! If you have an abundance of project experience, you’re perfect for the team!

Be Part of a Rapidly Evolving Project: This is a truly exciting time for the High-Powered Rocketry Project as we evolve into a program for undergraduate research in experimental rocketry technologies. With very few undergraduate research opportunities currently available at MSU Denver, it is vital that we fill this need by the time the new Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building is complete in 2017.

Great Resume Enhancer: Among the most important qualities looked for by employers are the hands on projects you’ve participated in. Being a part of the High-Powered Rocketry Project is an immediate boost to your resume. Because the project is adaptable to a diverse set of majors, participation is valuable regardless of your background.

Fun!: Arguably the most important reason, the High-Powered Rocketry Project is meant to be fun. When you’re a part of the team, it’s different than sitting through a class; it’s a community of friends who want to learn and create something awesome together.


 Interested in being part of the team? Signup Today!


~Spring 2016 High-Powered Rocketry Meetings~

During the Spring 2016 semester, team meetings will be held 2 times per week.

Times: Fridays, 12 pm – 2 pm & Sundays, 2 pm – 4 pm

Location: CU Denver Measurements Lab (NC 2207) unless otherwise specified via email.

Participation in at least one of the two days each week is highly encouraged.





SEDS @ MSU Denver Orgsync Page (Check here for meeting announcements)

SEDS @ MSU Denver Facebook Page (Check here for general updates)




Project Lead: Sebastian Brownstein

Email: sbrownst@msudenver.eduSand_Dune

Cell: 772-323-3742



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