Independent Project Initiative

Independent Project Initiative

Space is a vast domain, it holds many dimensions of study and trade in play. As  a result students might operate in a number of projects. However the struggle is to find other people who might want to be involved in that effort, especially when it’s an area not commonly related to space such as biology or geology.

As an organization we seek to serve students with the means to develop their passion for space and dive into new frontiers. Part of this imitative has brought us to the independent project initiative, this opportunity will allow students interested in space to explore their niche of interest and get provided resources and support from an organization. Although not commonly associated with space there are a number of degree’s and career fields that could be relevant perhaps, yours is included. Take a look, here are just some places space has opportunities for.

Geology Biology Geography GIS Political Science
History Education Chemistry Business Physics
Law Civil Engineering Computer Science Management Entrepreneurship

If you have a project idea or want to start a project and just need help getting started SEDS can help. As part of our organization we can facilitate a number of services for a variety of efforts in areas including helping facilitate in areas such as writing papers, facilitating projects, and competition opportunities.

If its writing papers you’d like to do with a project there are many opportunities for SEDS to help including: technical input from other areas, peer editing, and the chance to have work displayed on several venues including social media.

But if there is a project you hope to pursue there are several ways SEDS can help such as: helping create a structure, resources to get started, and helping find resources on campus.

Want to find ways to build a resume through competition, there are many opportunities with competitions we can help direct you to as well.

Additionally any independent projects will have the chance to get their own page on our website to share their work just as a group project can.

If this opportunity sounds like something you want to pursue please contact our project coordinator: Cody Draeger ( He can help you get started by setting up a time to meet and discuss where to go and how SEDS can help you dive into the frontier of space.

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