SEDS MSU Denver Constitution

Metropolitan State University of Denver:

Student Organization Constitution

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space [SEDS]: MSU Denver Chapter


Edited by: Jonathan Rasmussen                                                                                                                           Rev. 3.1


Article 1 – Name, Purpose, and Composition

Section 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be “Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, MSU Denver Chapter.”

Section 2: Purpose

The Purposes of SEDS at MSUDenver Chapter are:

  1. To educate students and the general public about the benefits of space exploration and development
  2. To provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas with space related interest
  3. To organize student technical and research projects that have the ability to further space exploration and development.

Section 3: Composition

SEDS, MSU Denver Chapter, shall be composed of students of from any of the Auraria Campus Educational Institutions: Metropolitan State University of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, and Community College of Denver; as well as alumni and community members.  Student members will receive voting rights after membership dues are paid.


Article 2 – Structure

Section 1: Officer Board

The Board will be responsible for the daily management of the MSU Denver SEDS Chapter, and will consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Faculty Advisor. Board elections will be held annually, for all but the faculty advisor position, at the beginning of each fall semester. Any MSU Denver student that is enrolled in at least 6 credit hours of classes may run for a position. All candidates must complete an officer application no less than two weeks prior to the election. Should a position become available at the beginning of the spring semester, elections will be held to fill it pro tempore. A student may not hold an officer position for more than four consecutive semesters.

Section 2: Creation of New Officer Position

As the organization expands it may be necessary to create new officer and auxiliary positions to better manage the organization’s activities. Such new positions can only be created by a majority vote of the existing Board. Initially, the new positions will be filled by candidates nominated by members of the Board and elected by the full membership assembly on a pro tempore status. Thereafter elections for the position will adhere to the procedures laid out in Article 2, Section 1.

Section 3: Officer Positions

The student officers of SEDS at MSU Denver shall consist of a President, Treasurer, Vice-President, and Secretary

Section 4: Officer Duties


  1. Developing and Managing Chapter Documentation
  2. Chapter Renewal with SEDS-USA
  3. Developing relationships with outside businesses/organizations
  4. Maintaining communications with other SEDS chapters
  5. Attending the SEDS-USA Council of Chapter (COC) monthly meetings if the National Representative cannot attend.
  6. Responsible for contacting SEDS-National officers/ board members with questions regarding SEDS operations
  7. Presiding over SEDS meetings (General and Officer)
  8. Increase SEDS outreach by giving presentations
  9. Approves SEDS chapter media/advertising
  10. Attend MSU Denver Student Activities officer training


  1. Helps develop club yearly vision and goals by creation of surveys/polls to help identify what SEDS chapter members are looking for in the club
  2. Responsible for recruitment development i.e. development of tabling activates, obtaining handouts from the Art/Design Director, creation of presentations and Intra-Club activities
  3. Reach out to outside organizations, which are already in contact with SEDS MSU Denver, for a variety of club support reasons (Tours, Events, Fundraising, Sponsorship, Educational Outreach, Membership, New Chapter Creations, etc.)
  4. Attend COC meetings if both National Representative and President cannot
  5. Help facilitate General SEDS Meetings and SEDS Officer Meetings; therefore must be in continual communications with President and help forge meeting agendas
  6. Files forms to obtain SEDS gear/handouts through OrgSync
  7. Maintains contact with Project Leads and provides reports to SEDS officers during Officer Meetings or as necessary
  8. Attend MSU Denver Student Activities officer training


  1. Gathering, Tracking, Depositing, and Conforming membership Dues
  2. Brainstorming with other SEDS MSU Denver Officers how we can increase revenue and how it should be spent
  3. Contact potential sponsors and funders
  4. Approve club spending and file club spending reports/bills/receipts on OrgSync
  5. Maintain club budget and inform the Board when issues arise
  6. Fill out forms on OrgSync requesting funding/ supplies for recruitment, officer goods, events, etc.
  7. Attend MSU Denver Student Activities officer training


  1. Will be an Admin on the SEDS Email Account
    1. Will add new member’s contact information
    2. Will update contact groups
  2. Chapter communications – Intra and Extra (Chapter-to-Business (C2B), National-to-Chapter (N2C), Chapter-to-Chapter (C2C), Chapter-to-Member (C2M)) emails and texts
  3. Creation of Polls/Surveys
  4. Will attend an Officer OrgSync Training, and be responsible for updating the OrgSync Page (can get help from the Webmaster if needed)
  5. Updating Webmaster of content that needs to be posted on SEDS MSU Denver Sites (Facebook, Sites.MSU, Twitter, other online media)
  6. Will attend SEDS General and Officer Meetings and record them (Video, Audio, and Document; agenda), and will later document, on Orgsync or OneDrive, these for officers/members to view later

Section 5: Auxiliary Positions

There will be four supporting or auxiliary members, who will be nominated by the SEDS Officer Board. These positions will support the activities of SEDS by providing the SEDS Officer Board with ideas and projects as well as creating task groups.

Section 6: Auxiliary Duties


  1. Maintain the Sites.MSU homepage and keep it relevant, making sure that the calendar is updated weekly
  2. Keep in contact with the secretary so they may receive the information that needs to be posted
  3. Perform page re-design as needed
  4. Apply permission to officer/auxiliary/leads/members so that they can manipulate the website to their needed/allowed limits
  5. Keep up with popular media and provide suggestions on how SEDS MSU Denver can better use these methods to gain members and audience.
  6. Post to Facebook, Google +, and Twitter pages

Art/Design Director:

  1. Update and edit SEDS MSU Denver logo(s)
  2. Create SEDS flyers and handouts as requested
  3. Submit marketing documents to Officer Board for approval
  4. Develop list of needed supplies w/costs for projects Such as SEDS Post Board + event Displays
  5. Design and revise SEDS media- Postboard, Slides, Powerpoint, video, etc.
  6. Provide Aerospace Department with updated slides for AES TV’s
  7. Capture pictures, videos, info , etc. that will help create SEDS Media

Events Director:

  1. Create an “Events team” to organize and facilitate SEDS MSU Denver Events
    1. can be static of per event depending on scope
  2. Plan SEDS MSU Denver Events with other SEDS Officers
  3. Contact businesses for sponsorship/support of events
  4. Keep in communications with AHEC to obtain facilities/equipment for events
  5. Understand MSU Denver/AHEC rules on Catering/Sales/Fundraising/Events
  6. Fill out Forms on Orgsync pertaining to Events Funding, Equipment and Operations
  7. Discuss the costs of the event with both the President and Treasurer. 

National Representative:

  1. Attends Council of Chapter (COC) Meetings – virtual meetings held by SEDS USA that allow chapter-to-chapter communications
  2. Keep COC/SEDS USA in the loop of what SEDS MSU Denver is doing (events, recruitment, etc)
  3. Ask SEDS USA questions regarding SEDS MSU Denver needs/direction
  4. Keep SEDS MSU Denver Officers and Members informed of anything that SEDS USA, or other chapters, are working on, open SEDS USA positions, and any other information determined relevant/important
  5. Attend COC outings/trips and connect with other Chapter COC representatives in a professional manner
  6. Present any SEDS MSU Denver Documents that need SEDS-USA review to the national chapter

Section 7: Project Leads

A project lead is a position in between an officer and a paying member, as they have more responsibilities and more power to post SEDS MSU Denver media.

To become a project lead a full member must voice a desire for the position to a Board member and can either select a SEDS project that is in need of a lead or present a project in which they wish the organization to participate. The Board will hear presentations from the hopeful then conduct a vote; a majority will determine the hopeful’s status.

Section 8: Project Lead Duties

Project leads act like project managers for certain SEDS MSU Denver projects. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Keeping the Board updated with project statuses
  2. Recruitment of a team of SEDS members to work on the project
  3. Project scheduling and deadlines
  4. Project inventory and budgeting
    1. Reporting needed materials with costs to the Treasurer
  5. Leadership of project team, and delegation of tasks to team members

Section 9: Removal from Position

A position holding member, whether officer, auxiliary or project lead, will be removed from their position at the beginning of each fall semester, upon graduation, or voted out of the position due to lack of club involvement or breaking club rules. Members of the officer board who cannot make four consecutive officer and general meetings, and/or neglect their duties as established by this constitution can be motioned to be removed by fellow officer board members.

A removal must be initiated by a motion and a second at a general meeting. Resolution will be decided by a general membership vote in which all voting members are required to submit a vote. The officer will be removed if a 3/4 majority of yes is counted.

Section 10: Voting Members

Voting members are SEDS MSU Denver chapter members who have paid their semester dues and are given opportunities to represent this. These members may run for positions within the chapter, vote on funding goals, events, and projects. They will also receive cool SEDS MSU Denver gear.

Section 11: Community & Alumni Members

  Alumni and Community members make up a small portion of the MSU Denver SEDS chapter. These non-voting and non-paying members are useful as partners and resource providers to the chapter at large. As alumni or community members these individuals have the opportunity to seek SEDS member help for projects and can have officers use SEDS communications or media to inform students about projects, events, or other things going on in the Aerospace field.

Article 3 – Chapter Responsibilities

Section 1: National dues and reports

The SEDS MSU Denver Officer Board is responsible for submitting dues to renew chapter registration with the SEDS National chapter, this is done at, and requires that SEDS Officer’s be registered with SEDS-USA as chapter leaders. Renewal costs $50 and can be paid through club funds, or out of officer’s pockets.

Anything that is directly emailed to the club’s email from SEDS-USA asking for surveys, polls, and reports will be handled by the SEDS MSU Denver Officer Board, or Auxiliary positions when applicable, these will be completed at officer meetings, and the email should be saved within the appropriate category, “SEDS-USA Comms.”

Section 2: Campus Recognition

The SEDS MSU Denver Officer Board is responsible for forms, fees, and any other documentation that Metropolitan State University of Denver requires for the club to still be active; this includes, keeping up with OrgSync, Renewing the club’s constitution, and filling out forms on the OrgSync page for financial, merchandise, and other support.

Article 4 – Rules

Section 1: Amendments

Amendments to the constitution can be suggested by any voting SEDS MSU Denver member, Advisor, or Community/Alumni member as they deem necessary.  These suggested amendments will be brought up during general SEDS meetings and be voted upon by the voting member of the chapter. A 2/3rd’s vote for will institute the adoption of the amendment.

Section 2: School Rules

As a student organization of Metropolitan State University of Denver we recognize the rules that student activates, MSU Denver, and AHEC have in place, and will follow these rules at all times.

As an MSU Denver student organization we recognize the vision we provide others of our university at conferences and events, and will act professionally at all outside events where we represent the university.

Article 5 – Finances

Section 1: Sources of Funds

MSU Denver SEDS will be funded from the following sources:

  1. Chapter dues, donations, sponsorships, and school funding
  2. Income from fundraising activities

Section 2: Disbursement of Funds

The elected treasurer will be tasked with maintaining the chapter bank account and handling any petty cash necessary for operations. No club money will be spent without at least two officers approving the expenditure. Officer approval is necessary BEFORE the expenditure is made.

Section 3: Documentation of Funds

Receipts are mandatory for any money spent by the club. No reimbursement will be made without a receipt. The treasurer will keep an accurate record of all income, expenditures, and an original copy of all receipts.

Article 6 – Dues

Section 1: Dues

Dues for membership in MSU Denver SEDS will be $15.00 per semester, or $20.00 for the full year. Dues should be paid to the treasurer during any SEDS General meeting in cash, these will then be deposited into the organizations school account at the end of the meeting, or the next business day.

Section 2: Benefit of Paying Dues

Members who pay dues will get use of the club cubicle in the seventh street classrooms, be able to attend conferences and events under SEDS MSU Denver, project funding, paid travel, access to club resources, voting rights, capability to run for office, and cool SEDS MSU Denver gear.

Article 7 – Chapter Advisor(s)

Section 1: Recruitment and Dismissal of Chapter Advisor(s)

Advisors will be asked to join as an advisor of SEDS based on the expertise and background of the advisor. An email to meet-up will be sent to that staff or faculty who may be a good match to our chapter’s mission, goals, and who seem like they may be interested in what do. If that staff or faculty member is interested the chapter president will email him/her the required Orgsync documents that needs to be filled out, as well as, a link to the officer training dates and registration.

Advisors will be dismissed when they inform the chapter officers that they do not wish to be an advisor any longer. The advisor will be required to offer replacements for them within their department co-workers or other faculty/staff if they are the only advisor on staff. This will help the club stay active and not disappear due to lack of advising staff.

Section 2: Advisor Responsibilities   

Advisors will be responsible for several activities which will be initiated by either the chapter officers or the advisor themselves.

  1. Offers project suggestions
  2. Help mitigate and resolve club member conflict
  3. Provide students with opportunities for networking by providing info about
    1. Professional events
    2. Special lecture sessions
    3. Company Tours
    4. Other(s)

Or by

  1. Introducing students to known professionals
  2. Helping get professionals for events hosted by chapter
  3. Acts as the travel advisor for conferences and summits
  4. Provides fundraising ideas as necessary

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