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Nov 12 2015

SIP 2.12 Tips for Successfully Engaging with First-Year Students

Thirsty for Strong Instructional Practice? While it may seem like freshmen students only land in First Year Success courses, the truth is that they are scattered throughout all disciplines and course levels.  What does the population of freshmen look like at MSU Denver this fall? 50% are white, 50% are of other races/ethnicities. The average …

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Sep 24 2015

SIP 2.6 Equity

Thirsty for Strong Instructional Practice? “Equity” is a word that seems to be tossed around a lot in higher education these days.  But what does it mean?  And how can we promote equity in the classroom or in our student services interactions?  MSU Denver prides itself on being very diverse—doesn’t that mean we already practice …

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Apr 09 2015

SIP 1.11: English and Englishes

Male college student in class smiling

Thirsty for a Strong Instructional Practice? As professors, most of us are familiar with the concept of students who are learning English as a second language, and we understand the challenges that students in a language acquisition phase may face in our classrooms. However, we may be less certain about native English-speaking students who are …

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