My Teaching Philosophy in a Nutshell

Sorry, no neat, tidy statement here, as this is a work in progress.

Considering taking a class with me? Here are some commitments that drive my pedagogy:

  • I come to teaching as a feminist. This means I’m interested in dismantling hierarchies that position students as “less than” in the classroom. Students and I work together as colleagues to make meaning, and I depend on them to teach me how to engage them. One strategy I use toward this end is a modification of Chris Emdin’s cogen, in which a few students stay after each class to chat with me about what I need to know for the next class.
  • The “semester” is a social construct. The timeframe I give for completing assignments may not work for everyone, so I have built into my teaching a few ways for students to have flexibility with deadlines and how long it takes them to grasp concepts. For example, late tickets can be used to extend deadlines, and Revise & Resubmits give students multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding.
  • Grading practices are impacted by implicit biases. I use labor-based grade contracts.