Accessing The Yuja Tool

  1. Log into your Blackboard Learn via the Faculty/Staff Hub at
  2. Select the course you wish to use YuJa within
  3. On the course homepage choose the Add Menu Item Plus Sign in the upper left of the Course Menu and choose Tool Link from the drop down menu
    Blackboard Adding Tool --> Tool Link menu Item
  4.  In the Add Tool Link option name the link and choose YuJa from the Type options

    BlackBoard Add Tool Link. Type chosen is Yuja.
  5. If you want students to have direct access to the courses media gallery you can check the box next to Available to Users. If you are simply embedding videos directly into your content then we recommend not checking this option. Click Submit

    Add Tool Link showing Name titled YuJa and the Type is YuJa.
  6. From your course menu options to the left, select the YuJa link you just created (it will be located at the bottom of the course menu if you have not moved it)

    BlackBoard Course Menu with Yuja choice highlighted.

If you do not have the YuJa Software Station installed on your computer, or you are trying to record with Yuja for the first time, you can review the Recording with YuJa Tutorals which can be found at these links: Windows/PC user  or Macintosh OS X user

For more Information about using YuJa you can review the following tutorials: