Step 1: Go to a content area within a course (View Creating a Content Area in the Course Navigation Menu for further information)

Step 2: Click on the “Build Content” button and select “File”

Step 3: Click the “Browse My Computer” button

Step 4: Select the file and click on the “Open” button

Step 5: Give the file a name

Step 6: Click on the “Submit” button



Step 1: Go to the “Course Navigation Menu”

Step 2: Click on the “+” icon to “Add Menu Item”  Graphic of the plus button

Step 3: Click on “Content Area”  Graphic of content area

Step 4: Name the Content Area  Graphic of naming content area

Step 5: Check the box to make this area “Available to Users” Graphic of check for available to users

Step 6: Click “Submit” Graphic of submit button

Step 7: Hover to the left of the content area link, click on the four arrows that will appear, and drag this new content area to where it should go on the “Course Navigation Menu”.


Step 1: Go to the content area in which the learning module should be created in

Step 2: Click the “Build Content” button Graphic of Build content button

Step 3: Select “Learning Module” Graphic of learning module

Step 4: Type a name for the learning module Graphic of inserting name

Step 5: Give a short description of the learning module, if necessary

Step 6: Select “Learning Module Options” as necessary

Step 7: Select “Standard Options” as necessary

Step 8: Select “Table of Contents” options as necessary

Step 9: Click the “Submit” button Graphic of submit button

Note: To add content to the learning module, view the “Adding Content” tutorial.


Move a Learning Module

Step 1: Hover to the left of the learning module so the four arrow icon appears  Graphic of 4 way arrow to move items

Step 2: Click, hold, and drag to sequence in which the learning module should show

Step 3: Drop the learning module by releasing the click


Make Learning Modules Available/Visible

Step 1: Click on “Content” from the Course Navigation Menu

Step 2: Hover over a learning module and click on the action item link Graphic of action link item

Step 3: Select “Edit”

Step 4: Select the ‘Yes’ radio button to permit users to view this content in “Section 4: Standard Options”

Graphic of permit users to view this content