The My Institution Page presents information about different courses one is enrolled in or involved in as either an instructor or a student. Navigate from course to course and see various information throughout the courses and in different modules. It also a place to centralize information from course to course and work with material.

Overview of My Institution Page

Step 1: Login to Blackboard Learn

Step 2: This is the “My Institution” page

Step 3: Locate “My Courses” module. My courses button

Note: Shows a list of all courses enrolled in.

Step 4: Locate “My Announcements” module My announcements button

Note: Pulls announcements from all courses and places them on this central page to view them all in one place.

Step 4: Locate “Alerts” module Alerts button

Note: If rules were set up within the retention center, all notifications can be seen here.

Step 5: Locate “Needs Attention” module Needs attention button

Note: Alerts one when items need grading such as assignments and assessments.

Adding a Module

Step 1: Click “Add Module” Add module button

Step 2: Click “Add” to add a module to the “My Institution Page” Add button

Step 3: Click “OK” Ok button

Moving a Module

Step 1: Hover over item to see a four-way arrow. Calculator button

Step 2: Click, hold, and drag the four-way arrow to move the module 4 way arrow