The global navigation menu is used to navigate various content between different courses.

Step 1: Login to Blackboard Learn

Step 2: Locate the “Global Navigation Menu” in the upper right hand corner Global navigation menu button

Step 3: Click the drop down arrow Down arrow

Step 4: Click “Courses”

Recently visited courses

Note: This lists all the courses one has access to. Click on any course from this menu.

Step 5: Click “Organization” Organization button

Note: This lists all the organizations one is involved in.

Step 6: Click Settings”

Note: This is where one will personalize their Blackboard Experience by changing text size, contrast setting, and personal information. Settings list

Step 7: Click “Blackboard Home” Blackboard home

Note: Shows all notifications in one place.

Step 8: Click “Updates” Updates

Note: Let’s one know what is new or what’s been going on.

Step 9: Click “My Grade” feature My grades

Note: My Grade is only for students. Shows them what has been graded and what attempts the have made from one central location.

Step 10: Click “Retention Center Reports” Retention center icon

Note: A central location to review reports.

Step 11: Click “Calendar” Calendar

Note: Access to one calendar viewing items from all courses.

Step 12: Click “Posts” Post

Note: Lets one know who is posting and from where (which course) and are able to reply to a post from here.