Step 1: Click on “Customization” within the Course Management Panel

Step 2: Select “Properties”

Step 3: In the “Set Course Duration” section, choose “Select Dates”

Graphic showing the set duration section with select dates option

Step 4: Enter in the new dates

Step 5: Click on the “Submit” button


Step 1: Select course

Step 2: Expand “Course Tools”  Graphic of expanding course tools image

Step 3: Select “Date Management” tool Graphic of selecting date management


Option 1: Use Course Start Date

Step 1: Click “Use Course Start Date” radio button  Graphic of select date adjustment option

Note: The current start state should be populated if the course was migrated over.

Step 2: Enter the “Curent Start Date” of when the course began on if it is not automatically populated

Step 3: Enter “New” start date

Step 4: Click “Start” Graphic of start button


Option 2: Adjust by Number of Days

Step 1: Click “Adjust by Number of Days” radio button Graphic of selecting adjust by number of days

Step 2: Enter number to “Shift all dates by”  Graphic of shift all date by

Step 3: Click “Start” Graphic of start button


Option 3: List All Dates for Review

Step 1: Click “List All Dates For Review” radio button Graphic of selecting list all dates for review

Step 2: Click “Start”  Graphic of start button

Step 3: Click “Next”


Step 4: Apply filter for “Item Types” filter_by_item_type


Step 5: Select “item” that needs new due date

Step 6: Click on “Due Date” Graphic of edit date

Step 7: Select new due date
Graphic of selecting new date

Step 8: Adjust hours and minutes

Step 9: Click “Done” Graphic of done button

Step 10: Click the “green check mark” Graphic of green check

Note: A due date cannot be added if it was not originally set; set the due date in the object’s properties first.