The video below will walk through how to grade your assignment, discussion, etc.. with a rubric that you have setup.

Step 1: Go to the class where the current rubrics need to be exported from. Click on “Course Tools” underneath the Course Management Panel

Step 2: Select “Rubrics”

Step 3: Check the boxes next to the titles of the rubrics that need exported

boxes checked next to the name of the rubrics

Step 4: Click on the “Export” button

export button

Step 5: Select the “Export to Local Computer” option

export list and location options

Step 6: Click on the “Submit” button

Step 7: Click on the “Download” button

download button

Step 8: Go to the course where the rubrics need to be imported to. Click on “Course Tools” underneath the Course Management Panel

Step 9: Select “Rubrics”

Step 10: Click on the “Import Rubric” button

import rubric button

Step 11: Click on the “Browse My Computer” button

Find rubric definition file by click on the browse my computer button

Step 12: Click on the .zip folder downloaded from Step 7 and click on the “Open” button

select zip folder

Step 13: Click on the “Ok” button. The rubrics should be imported into the course and ready to be attached to gradable items.