Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts enable users to navigate and use the features of the Yuja Media Player simply by pushing a few keys


  1. First, navigate to a YuJa video and select the Play icon
  2. Select the Show Sidebar button on the control bar.
  3. Choose View Shortcuts to open the Keyboard Shortcuts panel. This provides a list of Keyboard Shortcuts; however, the panel does not need to be opened to use the Shortcuts. These are single-key options; there is no need to press multiple keys.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Play/Pause: k

Full-screen: f

Captions: c

Mute/Unmute: m

Toggle Thumbnails: t

Change View: r

Flash Fallback: b

External HTML5 Player: e

Toggle Sidebar: s

Indicate Confusion: z

Toggle Audio Description: a

Seek Forward 5 Seconds: l

Seek Backward 5 Seconds: j

Increase Speed: .

Decrease Speed: ,

Increase Quality: ‘

Decrease Quality: ;

Increase Volume: ]

Decrease Volume: [