As the number of MSU-Denver online courses continues to increase, we must promote online assessment integrity and deter cheating. To this end, MSU-Denver has integrated two versions of ProctorU within Blackboard Learn.

Should you implement authentication or proctoring within your online sections? Yes, and use this as a guidepost: Any individual online assessment that makes up more than 25% of a student’s grade should utilize one of the ProctorU options.  Further use of the tools is at your discretion.

We greatly appreciate your efforts to educate MSU Denver students and assess their learning and expect you will find these tools valuable in ensuring academic integrity within your courses.

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Auto service — Student Authentication and exam recording with machine-based (AI) proctoring Service


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Live+ service —  “Full” human exam proctoring

For lower stakes assessments, ProctorU uAuto can provide student authentication requires a student to snap photos of their ID and face, answer challenge questions, and enter a biometric keystroke signature to verify their identity.

This service is provided at no cost to the student and is paid by the institution ($5.00 per student / per exam administered).

ProctorU combines student authentication and lives proctoring for high stakes assessments. The live proctor conducts student authentication and witnesses the student to complete the assessment in real-time.

As this is a fee-based service paid by a student per assessment, and provide it as an alternative to using the MSU Denver Testing Center for proctoring of assessments via human proctoring.

Additionally, if you require the use of ProctorU for human-based proctoring exclusively, we recommended ProctorU not be required on more than two assessments per course.

Faculty Resources (uAuto ProctorU)

 Faculty Resources (Live+ ProctorU)

Student Resources (uAuto ProctorU)

Student Resources (Live+ ProctorU)

Cost (Auto ProctorU):

There is no cost to the student to use the ProctorU uAuto authentication service.  The institution pays the per exam/student cost ($5.00 per student / per exam administered).

Cost (Live+ ProctorU):

Students Pay an examination fee (directly to ProctorU) if they choose to use this service.

Current ProctorU Fee schedule for Live+ human proctoring:

Exam Time Cost
31-60 minutes $17.50
61-120 minutes 25.00
121-180 minutes 33.75
181 minutes or more 42.50