Instructors can change email notification settings by:

Step 1: Go to the Global Navigation Menu by clicking on the down arrow next to your name in the top right hand corner of the screen

Open Global Nav Menu

Step 2: Select “Settings”

Go to settings in the open global nav menu

Step 3: Click on “Edit Notifications Settings”

select edit notification settings in the open global nav menu

Step 4: Click on “Courses I am teaching” link under Bulk Edit Notification Settings

select course I am teaching

Step 5: Choose either radio button for either “All Courses” or “Selected”

Step 6: If “Selected” is chosen, highlight the necessary courses and click on the right carrot button to move the course to the “Selected Items” box

Move individual courses over or select all

Step 7: Uncheck or check the top box next to “Email” to deselect or select the notifications for all items, or individually deselect/select each box

settings to uncheck box in email

Step 8: Click on the “Submit” button

Blackboard Quick Start Orientation for Faculty

This orientation briefly covers logging in, course to course navigation, navigation within your course, some tool overviews, and a couple how to’s within Blackboard Learn. This is an overview that will get you started in Blackboard, but not necessarily build expertise yet. We encourage you to view other tutorials on this site, as well as make use of the following resources available:

The 7 Training Courses you have already been enrolled in within Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Training Courses

Blackboard Embanet Support (24 hours/day, 7 days/week): 1-888-915-9535 or visit the online support site.

MSUD Educational Technology Center


The global navigation menu is used to navigate various content between different courses.

Step 1: Login to Blackboard Learn

Step 2: Locate the “Global Navigation Menu” in the upper right hand corner Global navigation menu button

Step 3: Click the drop down arrow Down arrow

Step 4: Click “Courses”

Recently visited courses

Note: This lists all the courses one has access to. Click on any course from this menu.

Step 5: Click “Organization” Organization button

Note: This lists all the organizations one is involved in.

Step 6: Click Settings”

Note: This is where one will personalize their Blackboard Experience by changing text size, contrast setting, and personal information. Settings list

Step 7: Click “Blackboard Home” Blackboard home

Note: Shows all notifications in one place.

Step 8: Click “Updates” Updates

Note: Let’s one know what is new or what’s been going on.

Step 9: Click “My Grade” feature My grades

Note: My Grade is only for students. Shows them what has been graded and what attempts the have made from one central location.

Step 10: Click “Retention Center Reports” Retention center icon

Note: A central location to review reports.

Step 11: Click “Calendar” Calendar

Note: Access to one calendar viewing items from all courses.

Step 12: Click “Posts” Post

Note: Lets one know who is posting and from where (which course) and are able to reply to a post from here.


The My Institution Page presents information about different courses one is enrolled in or involved in as either an instructor or a student. Navigate from course to course and see various information throughout the courses and in different modules. It also a place to centralize information from course to course and work with material.

Overview of My Institution Page

Step 1: Login to Blackboard Learn

Step 2: This is the “My Institution” page

Step 3: Locate “My Courses” module. My courses button

Note: Shows a list of all courses enrolled in.

Step 4: Locate “My Announcements” module My announcements button

Note: Pulls announcements from all courses and places them on this central page to view them all in one place.

Step 4: Locate “Alerts” module Alerts button

Note: If rules were set up within the retention center, all notifications can be seen here.

Step 5: Locate “Needs Attention” module Needs attention button

Note: Alerts one when items need grading such as assignments and assessments.

Adding a Module

Step 1: Click “Add Module” Add module button

Step 2: Click “Add” to add a module to the “My Institution Page” Add button

Step 3: Click “OK” Ok button

Moving a Module

Step 1: Hover over item to see a four-way arrow. Calculator button

Step 2: Click, hold, and drag the four-way arrow to move the module 4 way arrow


Step 1: Login to Blackboard Learn.

Step 2: Go to the “My Institution” page.

First Way to Navigate Courses

Step 1: Locate the “My Courses” module.

Step 2: Find the course list.

Step 3: Hover and select a course.

Second Way to Navigate Courses

Step 1: Locate the “Global Navigation Menu”. Global navigation menu button

Step 2: Click the “drop down arrow” to see courses listed here. Down arrow

Step 3: Click the course you want to view.

Course Navigation Menu

Step 1: Click “Content” to see course content. Content button

Step 2: Click “Home Page” to return to home page. Home page button


Click on the “house” icon to return to the home page. House button

Step 3: Click “Announcements” to see announcements. Announcements button

Step 4: Click the course menu title to expand and contract the “Course Navigation Menu”.

Course-to-Course Navigation

Course-to-course navigation is unique; when in a discussion board in one course and use the course-to-course navigation to select another course, it will take you to the discussion board in the new course selected.

Step 1: Locate house in the upper left course of your course. Course to course home button

Step 2: Click on the “drop down arrow” to select which course you want to navigate to. Dropdown arrow

Step 3: Select course to navigate to.