A “Forum” is an overall category that contains one or more “Threads” or sub-topics.

Helpful hint: When looking at the “Discussion Board” page, you  can see the number of of posts within the forum (Total Posts), the number of posts you haven’t read (Unread Posts), and the total number of people of participating in the forum (Total Participants).

Graphic showing totals for discussions including "Total Posts", "Unread Posts", and "Total Participants"

Step 1: Go into a forum

Step 2: Click on the title of the thread requiring a response OR click on the blue circle with the number of Unread Posts graphic showing total of unread posts

Step 3: Click on the “Reply” button

Step 4: Type the message

Step 5: Click on the “Submit” button

Step 1: Go to Discussion Board

Step 2: Go to Discussion Forum

Step 3: Click on the “Create Thread” button

Create Thread Button

Step 4: Enter Subject

Step 5: Enter Message

Step 6: Click on the “Submit” button