YuJa Media Player Overview

  1. Log into Blackboard and navigate to your course
  2. Select the content area where the media has been deployed ( Ex. Content, Assessments, etc. )
  3. To start the media, select the Play iconYuja Media Player Video showing Play button

Enlarging the Screen

  1. To expand the video screen, select the pink Settings cog in the bottom right
  2. Select External Player
  3. Select the Play iconYuja Media Player showing dropdown main menu with the External Player choice highlighted

Dual Screen

  1. If the video is dual screen, after you select the Play icon, you may toggle between the size of the screens by clicking on either screen to switch its placementShows Two Screen playback option. One screen in upper left is smaller while the larger screen is in the lower right corner.Smaller screen has a yellow arrow pointing at it, indicating that clicking on the small screen will change the view.Two screen option now showing the screens have been switched.
  2. If you want equal sizing for both screens, select the pink Settings cog in the bottom right
  3. Select Change View Shows the main settings dropdown menu with Change View hightlighted.