Accessing YuJa Video Analytics

  1. From the YuJa Media Channel, in the Top Bar Menu find and click on the Main Menu Icon which looks like a box made of smaller boxes and is located on the far right side of the Top Bar Menu
  2. A drop down menu will appear. Choose Usage & Analytics
  3. On the far left of the screen you can find an Icon menu that will open with more details when you hover your mouse over it. From this menu you can choose if you want your information to be pulled by Content, Users, Groups, Events, or Gradebook
  4. To see the usage and analytics information related to a single video Choose Content
  5. Next, In the first drop down selection, select the location where you expect to find the video. If you do not know this information just keep the selection on All Media
  6. In the middle drop down selection you can now search for the video that you would like to get a report on. Choose the video you want to run a report on 
  7. Choose Get Report 
  8. Your Generated Report will be broken down into different sections for your review. Those sections are included in a new menu and are entitled Summary, Playback, Users, Sessions, Technology, Segment Views, and Session Dates
  9. At the end of this new menu on the far right you can also find a download button which will allow you to download an Excel file of the current report