Handouts With Notes

These slides are in the Handout With Notes format.

Slides 1  Introduction, Histograms
Slides 2  Summarizing Data (Mean, Median, Variance, Std. Dev., etc.)
Slides 3  Introduction to Probability
Slides 4  Counting Techniques, Conditional Probability, Independence
Slides 5  Law of Total Probability, Bayes Rule
Slides 6  Random Variables, Discrete Probability Distributions, Expected Values
Slides 7  Bernoulli, Binomial, and Geometric Distributions
Slides 8  Poisson Distributions
Slides 9  Continuous Probability Distributions, Expected Values, Uniform Distributions
Slides 10  Cumulative Distribution Functions
Slides 11  Cumulative Distribution Functions (Cont’d)
Slides 12  Normal Distributions
Slides 13  Exponential Distributions
Slides 14  Independent Random Variables, Sampling Distributions, Linear Combinations of Random Variables
Slides 15  Confidence Intervals
Slides 16  Confidence Intervals (Cont’d)
Slides 17  Intro to Hypothesis Testing, One-Sample Z Test for a Mean
Slides 18  One-Sample t Test for a Mean
Slides 19  (NOT COVERED) One-Sample Z Test for a Proportion
Slides 20  Two-Sample Z Test for Two Means, Two-Sample t Test for Two Means
Slides 21  Correlation
Slides 22  Linear Regression