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Slides 1  Review
Slides 2  Hypothesis Testing Intro, One-Sample t Test
Slides 3  One-Sample Z test (for a Proportion)
Slides 4  Two-Sample t Test and CI
Slides 5  Pooled t Test and CI
Slides 6  Digression:  Type II Error Probabilities and Power
Slides 7  Paired t Test and CI
Slides 8  Two-Sample Z Test and CI (for Two Proportions)
Slides 9  F Test (for Two Standard Deviations)
Slides 10  Normal Probability Plots, One-Factor ANOVA
Slides 11  One-Factor ANOVA (Cont’d)
Slides 12  One-Factor ANOVA (Cont’d)
Slides 13  Two-Factor ANOVA
Slides 14  Two-Factor ANOVA (Cont’d)
Slides 15  Two-Factor ANOVA (Cont’d)
Slides 16  Two-Factor ANOVA (Cont’d)
Slides 17  Three-Factor ANOVA
Slides 18  Linear Regression and Correlation
Slides 19  Goodness of Fit Test
Slides 20  Chi-Square Tests for Homogeneity and Independence
Slides 21  (Updated 12/3/19 at 10:33 PM — corrected a few typos)  Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test
Slides 22  Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test
Slides 23 (Updated 12/6/19 at 12:41 PM — corrected the test statistic and p-value in the last example)  Kruskal-Wallis Test