R Instructions for Regression MTH 4230

R Notes 1  Correlation, Linear Regression
R Notes 2  General Linear F Test, Lack of Fit Test
R Notes 3  Regression Through the Origin, Matrix Approach to Regression
R Notes 4  Multiple Regression
R Notes 5  Multiple Regression (Cont’d)
R Notes 6  Polynomial Regression, Regression With Interactions
R Notes 7  Models With Quantitative and Qualitative Predictors
R Notes 8  Model Selection
R Notes 9  Automated Model Selection Procedures
R Notes 10  Model Diagnostics
R Notes 11  Time Series Analysis
R Notes 12  Logistic Regression, Poisson Regression
R Notes 13  Perhaps some of the following:  Ridge Regression/Lasso, Scatterplot Smoothers (Lowess Curves), Regression Trees, Weighted Least Squares Regression, Artificial Neural Networks