Directors’ Information

Some information about what to expect at the Choral Celebration:

  • Your group will have about 25 minutes on stage, including your performance and your clinic.
  • Most groups perform 3 pieces, but some choose to do only 2. More than 3 is not recommended, as it cuts into your clinic time. Memorization is not a requirement.
  • Most groups perform in their usual concert attire. If this is not practical for your group, please have them dress nicely.
  • Please bring two extra copies of your music for the clinicians. Please do not bring photocopies unless the music is in the public domain.
  • Plan to arrive early and/or stay after your performance so that you and your students can watch some of the other groups perform! And please plan to be there for the 12:30 pm performance by MSU Denver Choirs.
  • No food or drink (except water in tightly sealed bottles) is allowed in the Concert Hall or Recital Hall of the King Center. Please inform your students of this policy, and help us enforce it.
  • If you have any questions on the day of the Celebration, see one of the MSU Denver student volunteers at the check-in table.

There are lots of options for snacks and food in the Tivoli Student Union, just northeast of the King Center, and there are often food trucks around campus as well.