Representations in Castro: a Summer School

Olivier Dudas, Carolina Vallejo, and Mandi Schaeffer Fry are planning a summer school for young researchers on the topic of Representations of Finite Groups in September 2020 at the Centro Internacional de Encuentros Matemáticos (CIEM) in beautiful Castro Urdiales, Spain.  The dates are September 7-12, 2020.

The summer school will consist of short introductory courses followed by more advanced courses on current topics in the area.  It will be open to all early-career researchers with even a vague interest in representation theory.  We especially encourage masters and Ph.D. students at all levels to attend and anticipate providing accommodation for them.



Part I: Introductory Courses

There will be two 4-hour introductory courses introducing representations and block theory from two different perspectives and discussing the relationship between the two:

  • Niamh Farrell (TU Kaiserslautern) will present a course on Modules for finite groups, touching on vertices and sources, p-permutation modules, block algebras, and defect groups.
  • Noelia Rizo (University of Florence) will present a course on Character theory of finite groups, discussing characters, Brauer characters, p-blocks, and numerical defect.

Part II: Lectures on Modern Topics

In the second half of the school, there will be lectures on modern topics in the area by experts:

  • Michel Broué (Université de Paris) will present on The Abelian Defect Conjecture.
  • Iain Gordon (University of Edinburgh) will present on Symplectic Representation Theory.
  • Radha Kessar (City, University of London) will present on Fusion in Modular Representation Theory.


Apply now to participate!

Please click here to apply for the summer school by June 30, 2020.