The video below will walk through how to grade your assignment, discussion, etc.. with a rubric that you have setup.

Step 1: Within the course, select “Grade Center” in the Course Management Panel

Step 2: Select “Full Grade Center”

Step 3: Hover over the title of the grade column and click on the action link item (circle) that appears directly to the right

Step 4: Select “Show/Hide to Users”

Action Link Item menu showing the selection of "Show/Hide to Users" at the end of the third section.

Note: When grades are hidden to students (users), a dark circle with a red line through it will appear to the left of the column title

Practice Quiz shown with symbol of grey circle with red line through it so its hidden to students

Step 1: Go to the class where the current rubrics need to be exported from. Click on “Course Tools” underneath the Course Management Panel

Step 2: Select “Rubrics”

Step 3: Check the boxes next to the titles of the rubrics that need exported

boxes checked next to the name of the rubrics

Step 4: Click on the “Export” button

export button

Step 5: Select the “Export to Local Computer” option

export list and location options

Step 6: Click on the “Submit” button

Step 7: Click on the “Download” button

download button

Step 8: Go to the course where the rubrics need to be imported to. Click on “Course Tools” underneath the Course Management Panel

Step 9: Select “Rubrics”

Step 10: Click on the “Import Rubric” button

import rubric button

Step 11: Click on the “Browse My Computer” button

Find rubric definition file by click on the browse my computer button

Step 12: Click on the .zip folder downloaded from Step 7 and click on the “Open” button

select zip folder

Step 13: Click on the “Ok” button. The rubrics should be imported into the course and ready to be attached to gradable items.

Grade an Assignment using the “Needs Grading” section

Step 1: Select the “Needs Grading” option underneath the Grade Center in the Course Management Panel.

Grade Center options with Needs Grading and full grade center

Step 2: Filter the list to assignments using the filter criteria at the top of the page, if necessary.

needs grading filter showing assignments being filtered

Step 3: Either click on the name of the student to grade


click on the action item link that appears next to the title of the assignment and select either “Grade All Users” or “Grade Anonymously”.

grade all users or grade anonymously options

Step 4: Preview the “Assignment Details” by clicking on the words on the right hand side of the screen if necessary.

Step 5: Provide inline grading Comments, Highlights, or Point Annotations as needed (if the student uploaded a supported file to their assignment submission that allows for the use of the in-line grading feature).

Note:  On 1/15/2018, the provider of in-line grading service (Crocdoc) terminated operations, and the in-line grading solution (Box) was implemented by Blackboard as a replacement for this service.  Below are steps on how to add Comments, Highlighting, and Point Annotations utilizing the new service.  more detailed information about the transition can be found here.  Additionally a video tutorial on how to use the new “Box” in-line grading feature can be found at:

If you see a students submission and to the right it says “Submission Text” where the file download link would be, this indicates the student did not upload a file for their assignment submission, and wrote their assignment response in the “Submission” field.  When students submit text versus a file, the in-line grading features are not available to annotate their response, however you can highlight and copy/paste the student submission into a new Microsoft Word document, annotate their response in Microsoft Word (using the review/comment tools) and then upload that annotated/graded version in the student Feedback section (see step 7 below for more details).

  1. Adding in-line Comments
    1. Highlight the text where to comment is directed
    2. Click on the comment Icon  Comment Icon
    3. Add the comment in the popup box provided
    4. Select the “Post” button to save your comment.
  2.  Highlighting content
    1.  Highlight the text where you would like to turn on highlight
    2. Click on the Highlight icon Highlight Icon
    3. The text will be highlighted, if you would like to add a comment in addition to highlighting the text, click on the comment icon Comment Icon, add your comment and click the Post button to save your comment.
  3. Adding in-line Point Annotations
    1. Click on the Point annotation icon on the Box Menu bar
    2. Click on the specific location that you would like the point annotation to appear
    3. Enter your comment in the box provided and select the Post button to save your point annotation

Note:  Annotations (comments, highlighting, or point annotations) are supported only for Adobe PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) attachments submitted by students.  In addition to the formats above, Point Annotations can also be added to the following formats:  AI, BMP, DCM, EPS, GIF, PNG, PS, PSD, SVS, TGA, TIF, and TIFF.

Step 6:
Download the original submission of the assignment in the bottom right hand side of the the screen if necessary.

submission download

Step 7: Click on the down arrow underneath the words “Attempt” to provide feedback and/or attach another document for users to view.

grading area showing the button to push to pull down the feedback area feedback text box with attachment option highlighted

Step 8: Click in the box next to the words “Attempt” and provide the student with a point value for their grade.

grading area pointing out the box to put the student's score in

Step 9: Click on the “Submit” button


Grade an Assignment using the “Full Grade Center”

Step 1: Select the “Full Grade Center” option underneath the Grade Center in the Course Management Panel.

Grade Center options with Needs Grading and full grade center

Step 2: Find the column with the assignment that needs grading as well as a user with a submitted assignment (this will be noted by a yellow exclamation point).

Step 3: Hover over the exclamation point and click on the action link item that appears.

Step 4: Select “Attempt xx/xx/xxxx”.

Attempt 3/22/10 !

Step 5: Complete steps 4 – 9 from above.