This semester (Spring 2021), everything is remote due to the ongoing pandemic.

Dr. Mandi’s Office Hours this Semester (Spring 2021):

Monday/Wednesday: 5-5:45pm on Zoom

And, of course, we can meet at other times by appointment!

Dr. Mandi’s Courses this Semester:

This semester (Spring 2021), I am teaching Computational Matrix Algebra (MTH 2140).  For students, all course information can be found on Canvas.

I am also  working with two pairs of undergraduates on student research projects.  If you are a current student, and any of this intrigues you, see the “Undergraduate Research and Independent Studies” link!

Dr. Mandi’s Past Courses at MSU Denver:

Pre-Calculus Courses Intermediate Lower-Division Courses and Courses for Non-Math Majors Upper-Division Courses for Math Majors
MTH 1108-1109: Stretch College Algebra MTH 1410: Calculus 1 MTH 3100: Introduction to Mathematical Proof
MTH 1110: College Algebra MTH 2410: Calculus 2 MTH 3110: Abstract Algebra 1
MTH 1120: College Trigonometry MTH 2140: Computation Matrix Algebra MTH 3140: Linear Algebra
  MTH 3130: Advanced Matrix Methods for the Physical Sciences
MTH 4110: Abstract Algebra 2




Past Course Pages:

(Spring 2019):

Abstract Algebra 2 (MTH 4110)

(Fall 2018):

Calculus 2 (MTH 2410 – 003)

Abstract Algebra 1 (MTH 3110)