MSU Roadrunner Review

December 2022


Big Ant Little Ant by Tony Robles

Yucca and Sage by Marcia Williams

Warts and All by Eryn Allange

Coffee by Hannah Fuchser


Flash Fiction

The Woman by Audrey Coldwell

Piano by Hannah Fuchser



Hands by Laurie Paternoster

Surpassing the Love of Women by Braiden Ellis

Fmaj7 by Jonah Webster

Reborn by Mohammed Ahmad

Pap Smear by Marilyn Crawford

Goodnight Loving by Christian Stephens

Headwater by Christian Stephens

in remembrance of my pink walls by Nijah Viltz 

She’s Worth the Whole Damn Crowd by Nijah Viltz


Creative Nonfiction

Emotional Support Pizza Joint by Andrew Polewarczyk

Book of Innocence by Eryn Allange


Note: all genre editors also participated as part of the broader editorial board to make final selections in fiction, flash fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual arts.

Freya Chavoustie is a fourth-year English major and History minor at Metropolitan State University with a certain fondness for the act of wordsmithing. Specializing in high fantasy and sci-fi, she joined the editorial team on the Roadrunner Review to broaden her horizons in what can be put from the imagination to paper, and is absolutely delighted with the results.

Flash Fiction and Creative Nonfiction editor Rebecca Jones has always been an avid reader and has more recently discovered the joy of writing. When not reading or writing she can be found cooking, drawing, or chilling with her cat.

Jaiden Krause is a fourth-year student at MSU, pursuing a degree in English toward whatever ends it may lead him to. He is general enthusiast over all that may be read, written, spoken, heard, seen, or signed, but has found a particular affinity for the connected web of all things bodily, monstrous, identifiable, and horrific. He hopes to pass on all he has seen, learned, and known, to his cat, Chalice

Fiction and Visual Arts editor Cassie Langton is a Senior at MSU Denver. They enjoy reading and snuggling with their cat. In their free time, Cassie enjoys playing the Sims 4 and learning new crafting projects.

Fiction and Flash Fiction editor Shakthi Menon is a senior at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. He was imbued with a love for science-fiction from a young age and enjoys reading stories with interesting settings and a lot of world building. When he isn’t reading books or working on his own writing projects, he can often be found playing either tabletop games or video games with his friends. He will be graduating with a degree in Anthropology in Fall 2022.

Flash Fiction and Poetry editor Lily Polley graduated from MSU Denver with her bachelor’s degree in English December of 2022. She hopes to find a job and career in writing or public speaking. She is an avid fan of the St. Louis Blues and attends games versus the Colorado Avalanche when possible. But she will cheer the Avs on when they play any other team but the Blues. She lives in Denver with her Scottish Fold, Nubby Duncan.

Fiction and poetry editor Samantha Salter is a senior at MSU Denver majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. She enjoys exploring her imagination through writing as well as absorbing creative expression of all sorts, particularly fiction, film, poetry, and music. She loves studying the horror genre and has presented under the Horror Area of the Pop Culture Association’s annual conference for the past two years.

Creative Non-Fiction and Poetry editor Morgan Schramm is a Writing major at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She has always had a passion for storytelling in all its forms and sharing it with others. When she isn’t writing or in school, she can be found watching horror films, tending to her copious amount of plants, or making music.


Cover: “A Continuum” by Jaiden Krause (mixed media collage)

Faculty Advisors: Dr. J Eric Miller and Dr. Cynthia Kuhn

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