Who am I?

My wife, Emmie (on the left), me (on the right), and our dog, Crouton

Hi! I am Dr. Maureen (Mo) Flynn (she/hers). I am a licensed clinical psychologist and professor at MSU Denver. I received my graduate training under Dr. Kelly Wilson, who is one of the original co-developers of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT focuses on helping individuals live more rich and meaningful lives and is a model that applies to humans in general, not just ones considered “abnormal.” I care deeply about helping folks increase their overall wellbeing and reducing suffering. My research focuses on examining the efficacy of ACT-based interventions, psychological flexibility, values, and acceptance.

I grew up in Denver but spent about a decade away to complete my education and start my career. I completed a terminal master’s in clinical psychology at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania before attending the University of Mississippi for my doctorate. My first academic position was at the University of Texas – Pan American. I missed my family though and was happy to get a faculty position here at MSU Denver 8 years ago. MSU Denver is special.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Emmie, and my family. Emmie and I have a dog named Crouton. We simply adore him. I also love kayaking, adventuring, and arts and crafts.