Slides 1  Introduction, Sampling
Slides 2  Experiments and Observational Studies
Slides 3  Frequency Distribution Tables, Dot Plots, Histograms
Slides 4  Measures of Center
Slides 5  Measures of Variation, Boxplots, Using Statistics to Estimate Population Parameters
Slides 6  Empirical Rule, Z-Scores
Slides 7  Probability Basics, Events, Some Probability Rules
Slides 8  Contingency Tables, Independent Events, Multiplication Rule for Independent Events
Slides 9  Conditional Probability, the General Multiplication Rule
Slides 10  Discrete Random Variables
Slides 11  Continuous Random Variables, the Normal Distribution, Finding Areas Under Normal Curves
Slides 12  Finding Percentiles of Normal Distributions
Slides 13  Sampling Error, Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean
Slides 14  One-Mean Z CI for a Population Mean, Properties and Interpretation of CIs
Slides 15  Determining the Required Sample Size, One-Mean T CI for a Population Mean
Slides 16  One-Proportion Z CI for a Population Proportion, (Optional Section: Determining the Required Sample Size)
Slides 17  Intro to Hypothesis Testing, One-Mean Z Test for a Population Mean
Slides 18  One-Mean T Test for a Population Mean
Slides 19  Two-Mean T Test for Two Population Means
Slides 20  Paired-Samples T Test for Two Population Means
Slides 21  Scatterplots and the Sample Correlation
Slides 22  Linear Regression
Slides 23  Assessing the Fit of a Regression Line Using R-Squared