Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Western Region @ Metropolitan State University of Denver

3. Granting Criteria

When making granting decisions, regional coordinators consider the following:


Access that the proposed project will offer to geographic areas and populations not currently served by TPS Consortium members;

  • AcceptableThe project reaches a teacher population not served by an existing Consortium member.
  • Exemplary: The project has the potential to provide professional development to a critical mass of pre and or in-service teachers within a specified area. The proposed project reaches teacher populations that have not been targeted in other subcontracts.


Scope of the proposed workshop or course and its likely success in helping teachers achieve TPS learning objectives;

  • Acceptable: The proposed project delivers a portion of the Level I program objectives.
  • Exemplary: The proposed project delivers all of the Level I program objectives.

Activities and Partnerships

 Professional development activities and partnerships of the proposing organization;

  • Acceptable: The organization has an established PD or education program for teachers that will integrate TPS content.
  • Exemplary: Collaboration with one or more organizations is evident and used to reach project goals and objectives. Partners may include: school districts, colleges, universities, libraries, historical societies, professional organizations. When possible, partnerships include high level administrators from key agencies throughout the state.


Sustainability of a grantee’s use of TPS content within their professional development programs for teachers;

  • Acceptable: The project aligns with existing organizational objectives and is integrated into ongoing professional development.
  • Exemplary: The proposed project includes plans for the integration of TPS into current and future activities, such as curricula or other ongoing professional development opportunities.

Project Plan

Project plan describes sound planning, recruitment, implementation, evaluation and resource allocation.

  • The project staff has the capacity to implement the proposed project successfully.
  • The application includes a reasonable plan to recruit participants.
  • The plan narrative includes a reasonable evaluation plan.
  • The proposed project has a realistic budget and justification.
  • The proposal includes the required 20 percent matching contribution.
  • Information provided by the organization regarding its partnerships and activities is supported by appropriate documentation, such as letters, reports, etc.