Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Western Region @ Metropolitan State University of Denver

North Dakota Grantees

State Historical Society of North Dakota (SHSND)
Contact: Laura J. Forde
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.history.nd.gov/

Grant awarded 5/5/23

The project aims to enhance the North Dakota Studies curriculum by providing professional development to teachers. Due to limited college coursework on North Dakota (ND) history for educators, this initiative addresses the need for more background knowledge and teaching tools. The project also seeks to revive participation in National History Day in ND (NHD in ND) and equip teachers to integrate it into their classrooms.

Goals include increasing teacher participation in NHD in ND, training them to use primary resources from the Library of Congress and SHSND, enhancing knowledge about ND Studies, and immersing teachers in the study of immigration, especially German-Russian immigrants.

The target audience comprises 4th to 12th-grade teachers across the state, including rural and reservation schools.

Dickenson State University – Theodore Roosevelt Center
Contact: Sharon Kilzer – Theodore Roosevelt Center Project Manager‌
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.theodorerooseveltcenter.org

Grant awarded January 10, 2011

Dickinson State University has established the Theodore Roosevelt Center, which includes both a physical Center and a comprehensive digital library of documents and artifacts of Theodore Roosevelt. The Center has been working to digitize and catalog the Library of Congress holdings of Theodore Roosevelt. In addition, DSU is in the process of digitizing TR’s documents from Harvard College Library and from six sites within the National Park Service related to Roosevelt. All items will be cataloged with metadata entries so they are searchable and available to everyone, including students, scholars and the general public, through the Center’s website.

The initial TPS Awareness workshop was held on April 28, 2011 for a group of 20 North Dakotans from museums, parks service, school districts and other agencies. In North Dakota, this professional development opportunity was followed by a two-day Level I workshop for educators on July 17-18, 2012. Working with Dickinson State and the TR collections inspired the TPS Western Region to host the two-day symposium “Theodore Roosevelt and Water in the West” on June 29-30, 2012. Held in the brand new History Colorado Center, educators enjoyed an entertaining evening with Theodore Roosevelt (portrayed by historian Clay Jenkins) and a day-long exploration focusing on the ways in which water has shaped the events, people and history of the West.