The Access Center

The Access Center strives to provide and promote a supportive, accessible, and inclusive learning environment for students with disabilities. The Access Center provides leadership to the university community to ensure that qualified students with disabilities have equal access to University programs, services, and activities through academic accommodations and collaboration.

What We Do

If you have one or more disabilities, the Access Center can work with you to:

  • Determine appropriate accommodations and services
  • Ensure you receive your approved accommodations in a timely manner
  • Receive information in accessible formats
  • Explore the use of assistive technology

What Are Accommodations?

An accommodation is an adjustment that provides a student with a disability equal access to the learning environment. For example:

  • A student with limited vision could receive an accessible electronic version of a printed textbook
  • A student who experiences barriers related to timed tests may receive extended time
  • A Deaf student could receive support from an ASL interpreter.

Accommodations are free, and the university is legally required to provide them to eligible students.

Receiving Accommodations

To receive accommodations, you must first register with the Access Center. Contact us at (303) 615-0200 or email [email protected] to set up an accommodation eligibility appointment. If you have disability documentation, please bring it to the appointment. More information is available on the Potential Students page.

Once you have completed the appointment and been approved for accommodations, you will need to submit the Request Accommodation Letter each semester.

Note: The Access Center may deny a student’s request for an accommodation. Denials may be based on a variety of reasons including (but not limited to): a lack of documentation to support the need for the accommodations, the determination that the requested accommodation will result in a fundamental alteration of the course requirements and objectives, and/or the requested accommodation is not reasonable or results in an undue burden. Students have the right to appeal accommodation decisions, including denials of requests. 

Temporary Accommodations

The Access Center also supports students with temporary medical conditions, such as broken limbs and hand injuries, as well as pregnancy, childbirth, and related conditions.


All materials related to your disability are confidential. Your Access Center status will not appear on your transcripts, financial aid forms, or other official documents. Your instructors will only be notified of your Access Center registration status and approved accommodations, not details about your disability.

Contact the Access Center

The Access Center team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Call: (303) 615-0200
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Visit: MSU Denver Plaza Building, Suite 122


The Access Center website provides many useful resources.

  • The list of Access Center forms includes the Request Accommodation Letter, Request Textbooks in Alternative Format, and Request Note Taking Assistance forms.
  • The Access Center Student Handbook provides detailed information about accommodations and Access Center policies.