You can begin preparing for a new career before you even graduate. You can learn about your options by researching career paths, attending job fairs, and discussing options with your professors and peers. You can gain relevant knowledge and experience by participating in internships and part-time jobs, volunteering, taking courses that will help you develop relevant skills, and learning about trends in your industry. And you can position yourself for success by attending networking events, joining relevant clubs, building a professional online profile, and finding mentors.


MSU Denver offers many helpful career resources.

  • The Classroom to Career Hub (C2Hub) provides a variety of Student Resources, such as the Job Search Tips website, a jobs and internships board, mentorship programs, links to career counseling, a resume-building tool, and more.
  • The C2Hub also hosts events such as job fairs, resume and scholarship application workshops, mentorship meetings, and more.
  • The Career Exploration page lists possible careers related to each major at MSU Denver.
  • The Career Peer Mentor Program is a year-long program that matches undergraduate students with C2Hub Peer Members who are specifically trained in career exploration and support.