Paying Tuition

A crucial part of success within college expenses is managing the payment of tuition. Tuition is the amount of money charged by the university to receive instruction. It’s often used to describe the amount owed to the university each term. However, the true amount owed to the university each term also includes fees and other charges that may occur on your account.

So who handles all the money? And how do you pay them?

The Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s Office determines what you owe in tuition, fees, and other charges. They provide accurate billing statements and can explain unknown fees, holds, or other concerns about money owed. When you receive a bill from the university for tuition, the Bursar’s Office generated that bill.

When it comes time to pay that bill, you provide the money to the Cashiering Office, another part of the Bursar’s Office.

Important Dates

  • Friday before the start of the term: Payment due
    • Full payment of tuition and fees is due by the payment deadline to avoid service charges. Any unpaid balance after 5 PM, will incur a 4% service charge.  This first service charge will be waived if you enroll in a payment plan by the payment deadline. Students who get a financial aid award offer, obtain certification for Military benefits with our Veteran & Military Student Services Office, or establish sponsorship, by the payment deadline, are exempt from all service charges.

Payment Options

There are a few way to pay those tuition and fees.

  • Pay in full – Pay in full by the payment deadline, and avoid all service charges.
  • Payment Plan – MSU Denver offers convenient payment plan options for a one-time $35 enrollment fee. The 4% fee will be waived for students who enroll in a payment plan, however, students are still subject to the monthly service charges of 1.5% throughout the semester, until the balance is paid in full. After census date, a Balance Due Hold will be placed on the student’s account if the balance is greater than $2000. Students in a payment plan will have to pay their balance down to $2000 or less in order to register for courses
  • Pay as you go – You may choose to pay throughout the semester on your own, however, in addition to the 4% service charge, any unpaid balance will be subject to a 1.5% service charge on the 7th working day of each month. A Balance Due Hold will be placed on the student’s account until resolved.

Things to Remember

Enrollment will not be canceled for non-payment. That is, if you don’t attend classes, you will still owe the university money. It is the your responsibility to drop classes if you do not plan to attend. Failure to do so will result in charges incurred on your account.