This page addresses topics related to your grades, records, and academic success. Navigating these aspects of university life are essential to academic success.

Understanding Grades

Why do your grades matter?

Your grades show potential employers and graduate schools how well you mastered the course content. They may also be seen as a reflection of your work ethic. Your grades can also affect your eligibility to play sports, earn scholarships, and maintain financial aid. Most importantly, if you do not earn high enough grades, you won’t be able to graduate with a degree.

This page describes what types of grades exist, how to access your grades, and what your grades mean. It also explains how to calculate your GPA.

Communicating with Professors

When you are struggling in a course (or doing well and excited to learn even more!), your professor is an excellent resource. Your professors are there to help you learn! This page provides advice for contacting and communicating with your professors.

Majors and Minors

MSU Denver offers over 100 majors and minors so you can craft the degree that aligns with your goals and passions. This page defines majors and minors, lists the programs are offered by MSU Denver, explains how to access advising, and provides information about changing and declaring your major or minor.

Online Courses

MSU Denver offers not only traditional in-person classes, but many online courses as well. Some majors, minors, and certificates are even offered fully online. This page explains the different types of courses, how you can find online courses, and how you can be successful in an online learning environment.

Thinking About the Future

Academic success at MSU Denver will prepare you for whatever the future holds. This page describes considerations for two possible future paths: applying to graduate school and pursuing a new career.