Offices at MSU

In universities, “office” is both a room someone might work from and also an organizational unit. For example, a professor may work from Office 201 in a certain building. At the same time, you may need to find someone in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to resolve questions about your financial aid award. For the sake of clarity, this page is concerned with the organizational offices within MSU Denver. Knowing what these offices are and what services they provide will hopefully get you pointed in the right direction quickly.

List of MSU Denver Offices

There are numerous offices at MSU Denver that handle the business and research functions of the university. Instead of listing all of them, below is a condensed list of the offices you might need in your time at MSU Denver.

Shortened NameFull NameServices
AdmissionsOffice of AdmissionsThis group provides information on applying to MSU Denver.
AdvisingAdvising SystemsThis group provides guidance on choosing majors, minors, and other academic programs. They can also help you understand academic policies and procedures and resources.
BursarOffice of the BursarThis office provides and educates students about billing statements, payment plans, charges on your student account (including holds). They also provide students with 1098-T tax forms.
CashieringOffice of CashieringThis office is responsible for all student tuition and fee payments and refunds.
Financial AidOffice of Financial Aid and ScholarshipsThis office receives the information from the FAFSA or CASFA and provides your financial aid award offer. They also can help you locate grants and scholarships, as well as education on debt management.
RegistrarOffice of the RegistrarThis office maintains the undergraduate catalog, course schedules, and the academic calendar. It is also responsible for records related to transfer, transcripts, graduation, and commencement.
Students OfficeDean of Students OfficeThis office supports students by providing conflict resolution services, giving pathways to addressing concerns and complaints, and numerous other initiatives. The Student Care Center also falls under this office.
Testing ServicesOffice of Testing ServicesThis office provides proctoring services, as well as placement testing for several disciplines.
Offices and Services at MSU Denver