At MSU Denver, we pride ourselves on student involvement, engagement, and our sense of community. We strive to ensure that all students feel included and supported in their community. We also ensure that students have access to supports and the opportunity to build their own community within MSU Denver.


It’s important to feel a sense of belonging in our community, especially on campus. It can be difficult to find that sense of belonging and to foster a sense of identity on campus. MSU Denver provides ample opportunity for students to create their own identity and connect with fellow like-minded students.

MSU Denver Sports and Events

Cross-Country runner runs in font of "Roadrunners" sign.

MSU Denver offers a variety of sports from tennis to e-gaming. Joining a sports team is a great way to connect with fellow students and foster a sense of community. Students can also casually play sports to connect with fellow students.

Student Clubs and Organizations

MSU Denver has a diverse assortment of clubs and organizations for students. There are over 75 Student Organizations at MSU Denver that range from academic to social clubs. Joining a club or organization helps to build a better sense of community and belonging, students may also create their own club or organization.

Student Support

It can be hard to adjust to campus life and feel that sense of belonging right away. MSU Denver offers several resources for students to support them in their new journey and to ensure students feel included and supported.