Graduation is an exciting time to celebrate all of your hard work. There are some steps to take in order to graduate.

Being eligible for graduation means that you have:

  • completed 120 credit hours related to your degree
  • achieved a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (some programs have their own GPA requirements, check with your advisor!)
  • completed at least 40 hours of upper-division (3000 and 4000 level) credits related to your degree
  • completed all General Studies requirements for your degree and major
  • completed your 3 credit Multicultural course requirement and your 3 credit Senior Experience course requirement
  • if you are getting a Minor, completed a minor consisting of at least 18 semester hours (some programs require a Minor so check with your academic advisor)
  • Completed all special requirements of a department, school, or college.

The specific classes that you need to take to earn your credit hours are outlined in your Degree Progress Report. Talk to your academic advisor early and often to stay on track for graduation.

Credit Hours

The amount of time that it takes for you to graduate depends on the number of credits you take each semester. You can see the effect of taking different numbers of credit hours using the Undergraduate Snapshot tool.

A student is considered full-time if they are taking 12 or more semester hours. A full-time student can expect to graduate in about 8-10 semesters or 4-5 years.

A student is considered half-time if they are taking 6-8 credit hours. It would take a student about 15 semesters or 8 years to graduate taking an entirely half-time course load.

Anything below 5 credit hours is considered less than half-time.

An overload is 18+ hours in the Fall or Spring, or 12+ hours in the summer. A course overload must be approved by your academic advisor.

Applying to Graduate

After you have met graduation requirements, you must apply to graduate. The application can be found in the Student Hub (the same one used for registration). If you have met the requirements for multiple credentials, you must submit separate applications for each credential.

Application windows

  • Spring graduation: September 14- last day of Spring semester
  • Summer graduation: February 8- last day of Summer semester
  • Fall graduation: April 13- last day of Fall semester

Graduation Evaluations

Graduation Audits occur three times a semester.

  • Preliminary Degree Audit- After graduation application window closes
  • Secondary Degree Audit- after the census date
  • Final Degree audit- After final grades post

You will receive an email after each audit so you know if you are still on track to graduate.