Rowdy’s Corner

Located in Tivoli 271, Rowdy’s Corner is a resource for food security for Roadrunners. Rowdy’s Corner is working to reimagine food support and destigmatize the need for assistance and to help ensure there is Food for All.

Rowdy’s Corner is committed to sourcing products from local and regional businesses and providing nutritious, culturally relevant food for all of MSU Denver students. Rowdy’s Corner strives to provide a range of food for those with dietary restrictions or allergies. Through our partnerships, we can offer students vegan, vegetarian, Halal, and Kosher options, as well as food from a multitude of cultures.

For term-specific hours, please visit:

Getting Started

If you are a currently registered MSU Denver student, you qualify automatically to receive food from Rowdy’s Corner. You’ll need to bring a valid MSU Denver ID each time you visit. To get started, simply stop by Rowdy’s Corner during their open hours.

Hours and Locations

Name and Population ServedLocation
Rowdy’s Corner (Main)
– AllMSU Denver students
Tivoli 217
Student Success and Retention (Satellite)
– All MSU Denver Students
JSSB Tutoring Desk, 2nd floor
Veteran & Military (Satellite)
– Veterans and military students
Tivoli 215
Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy (Satellite)
– All MSU Denver Students
Boulder Creek 132
Honors House (Satellite)
– MSU Denver students in the Honors program
9th Street Park House #1033
Rowdy’s Corner Locations