Registration is the time you are allowed to enroll in courses for the next term. Registration takes place earlier than you might expect.

SemesterRegistration Period Starts
Fallend of March
Springend of February
Summerend of October
Registration Periods

Get in Early!

It is important for you to try and register for your courses as soon as possible so you can get the courses you want/ need and have full access to advising and financial aid. The time that your registration window is open depends on factors like the number of credits you have taken and your class standing, with students who have completed more credits having priority.

Visit your Student Hub and select “Register for Classes” and then click “Check Registration Eligibility” to view your assigned registration time. You will also get a text and/or email reminder when you are eligible, so make sure your contact information is up to date.

To find out which courses you need for graduation, speak to your advisor and use your Degree Progress Report.

You can follow the Student Hub Registration Guide for detailed instructions on how to register for classes during your registration window.


Sometimes, you may get waitlisted for a course. This means that the class is full, but you have a chance to get into the class if space becomes available. You can register for a waitlisted class on the Student Hub.

If you are on a waitlist, check your email regularly because you will get an email that allows you to register for the course if space is available. These emails are only valid for 24 hours before the next person on the waitlist gets the opportunity to register. If you do not register within 24 hours, you will be dropped from the waitlist. The length of time that a waitlist is available varies by department. Some waitlists close after the first meeting of the class, while others are open for the first week of classes. Check with your department for specific waitlist policies. You can check your place on a waitlist using the Student Hub.