This page provides information about on-campus resources, opportunities, and practices. Additionally, it explains some of the ins-and-outs of MSU Denver such unique vocab and acronyms you might hear and not understand.

Offices at MSU

Finding out where to go on any campus can sometimes be a challenge; this page will help you locate what office you need for services.

Terms and Acronyms

College comes with a whole host of new words that you will hear frequently but may have no idea what they mean. This guide should offer your some insight into the most common terms you may hear but not know.

Student Employment

Did you know that nearly 80% of MSU Denver students work while pursuing their education? This page describes employment opportunities for students.


Getting to and from campus easily and quickly is essential, as MSU Denver is a commuter campus. This page will give you some directions about where to start.

Rowdy’s Corner

If you or another student is finding it difficult to keep food on the table, Rowdy’s Corner can help. Located in Tivoli 271, Rowdy’s Corner is a resource for food security for Roadrunners. This page provides more information about how to find and utilize this resource.

Access Center

The Access Center strives to provide and promote a supportive, accessible, and inclusive learning environment for students with disabilities. If you need help with accommodations or accessibility, this page should give you more guidance.

The Health Center at Auraria

The Health Center at Auraria is a tri-institutional department that provides Medical Services and Mental Health Services for all students, faculty and staff on the Auraria Campus. All MSU Denver students, faculty and staff on campus have full access to their services.