Student Employment

For some students, working is a financial necessity. For others, it’s a valuable way to gain career experience while still in school. Although it can be challenging to balance working and studying, working students often earn higher grades than their unemployed counterparts. It is completely possible to simultaneously succeed in school and the workplace.

This page describes the types of jobs available to students through MSU Denver and provides helpful resources.

Student Employment Program

Many students take advantage of MSU Denver’s Student Employment Program. This program provides paid on-campus jobs to help you pay for your education, gain professional experience, develop relevant skills, and support the success of the university. These jobs pay on an hourly basis. You can start a new job at any time of the year.

To qualify for a job, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA and enroll in at least 6 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters. Undergraduate students can work up to 30 hours per week during the school year, but the average student works only 15 hours per week. You do not need to demonstrate financial need to be eligible. Refer to the program requirements to learn more.


In most situations, work-study jobs are provided to students with demonstrated financial need. The funds for the job are provided by the state or federal government. Some departments only hire students who have been awarded work-study funding.

There are specific requirements for need-based work-study eligibility. Criteria include completing a FAFSA, enrolling in at least 6 credits, and having an unmet need of at least $3,000 per year. Refer to the Work-Study Employment details for more information.

To apply for work-study, you must submit the Work-Study Request form available on the Student Forms page. Work-study is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


Internships are short-term jobs that will help you get career experience in your chosen field. Internships can help you build valuable skills and look great on your resume.

Some internships are paid; others are unpaid but offer academic credit. The Earn and Learn program provides funding to students who need financial support to participate in unpaid internships.

Find a Job

  • The Career Site is an excellent way to find a campus job. Be sure to select “Student” under “Position Type.”
  • The Classroom and Career Hub’s Hot Jobs & Internships Board lists opportunities for MSU Denver students.