Health Center at Auraria

The Health Center at Auraria is a tri-institutional department that provides Medical Services and Mental Health Services for all students, faculty and staff on the Auraria Campus. All MSU Denver students, faculty and staff on campus have full access to their services.

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The Health Center at Auraria offers Medical Services and Mental Health Services for MSU Denver students, faculty and staff regardless of their Health Insurance. In addition, Telehealth services are available for a variety of healthcare appointments.  Transgender Care including HRT and Medical and Mental Health Services are also provided. Laboratory, X-rays and on-site medications are available at the Health Center at Auraria. In addition, there are a variety of Specialty Health Services and No Charge Services that include, but are not limited to, Nutrition Counseling, Smoking Cessation, HIV Testing and vaccinations. From preventative care to acute and chronic care, the Health Center at Auraria provides comprehensive Medical and Mental Health Services.

For a complete list of their services and resources, please visit:

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Location and Parking

The Health Center at Auraria is located in the heart of campus in the Plaza Building, Suite 150 (the basement level).

You’ll have to pay to park at any location on campus. There is a free Campus Accessible Shuttle services for all campus students, faculty and staff with long-term or temporary disabilities. In addition, if you’re on campus after the sun goes down, a safe ride to your car is available through the NightRider Service. Additional information about these services can be found online at AHEC.