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SIP 15.6 Consider a Restorative Approach to Conflict Positivity in the Classroom – Part 1

The SIP Squad is hosting a two-part series on trauma-informed, restorative approaches to building and sustaining conflict positivity in our classrooms and across campus. In Part 1 of the series, we invite you to consider how restorative practices generally would create a more equitable classroom and campus. In next week’s Part 2 of the series, …

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SIP 15.5 Connect Careers to Curriculum using NACE Career-readiness Competencies

Thirsty for a Strong Instructional Practice? Students come to college for many reasons, including learning more about the world, becoming better people or improving their self-confidence. But they also have reasons related to economic mobility such as bettering employment opportunities, making more money or getting a good job (Lumina Foundation). Faculty members are experts in …

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SIP 15.4 Connecting with the MSU Denver CARE Team

Thirsty for a Strong Instructional Practice? Faculty members are the frontline workers looking out for Metropolitan State University of Denver students every day. When our students face challenges, faculty members are often there to support them and provide or connect them to resources that can help them navigate their situation and stay on track with …

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SIP 15.3 Supporting Students’ Engagement with Reading in Our Classrooms

Thirsty for a Strong Instructional Practice? Reading is so last year. Or maybe so five years ago. One of the most frequent complaints that the SIPsquad hears is that students don’t complete their reading for class anymore. And frankly, we struggle with reading these days as well. Is it laziness or lack of interest in the material? …

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