SIP 1.1: The Class Notetaker

Thirsty for a Strong Instructional Practice?

We want students to take notes during class, but they often don’t know how to take effective notes.

Take a SIP of this: The Class Notetaker way to demonstrate the value of taking quality notes and to help students improve their note-taking skills is to build note-taking into class participation. Students could be asked to post their notes to BlackBoard within 24 hours of class; either one student could be designated as the person who needs to post their notes or the entire class could be asked to contribute. During the first several class meetings, a few minutes could be spent at the beginning of class reviewing the notes that have been posted and talking about what makes them effective or how they could be improved. Bonus: This practice makes it unnecessary to find an official note-taker for students with a note-taker accommodation.

Still thirsty? Take another SIP of The Class Notetaker

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