SIP 1.2: Screen Readers

Thirsty for a Strong Instructional Practice?

We want students to read the material we assign, but sometimes they don’t.

This is a photo of a college-age man looking at a computer screen and listening to headphones.Take a SIP of this: Screen Readers

One way to facilitate students’ reading is to encourage them to use VoiceOver technology, available on every computer and mobile device sold. Students can listen to the text while they do other things such as drive or cook. They can also follow along as the text is read aloud which allows more energy for understanding as it requires less effort for decoding.

Nearly all .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx and many .pdf files are already compatible with VoiceOver. Documents that you have scanned into .pdf’s are most often those that require processing. Preparing documents for VoiceOver is quick and easy using Adobe Acrobat X Pro. University provided computers should have it loaded already and the ACCESS Center will provide it for use with your personal computer. Bonus: You can insert and delete text, and rotate and crop pages with Acrobat as well!

Still thirsty? Take another SIP of Screen Readers

A 40-second video to show you how: Recognizing Text with Scanned Documents in Adobe Acrobat Pro

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