SIP 1.9: Beyond the Lecture

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Many of us teach college as we were taught, through lecture. Although this method has its merits, research shows that students retain more from a class when they are active participants in the learning process (see triangle chart).

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Pyramid indicating lecture resulting in the lowest retention and teaching others as the greatest

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Students who are actively engaged in their own learning improve their ability to solve problems, increase conceptual understanding, improve their attitudes about the content, and failure rates are drastically reduced, especially for women and students of color in college classes.

Think about breaking class into 15-20 minute segments and address the course materials in different ways every 15-20 minutes: for example 15 minute mini lecture, 15 minute small group discussions about the readings, 15 minute pair work where students demonstrate application of theory.

Alternatively, use a “flipped” classroom model where students learn the content outside of class so class time can be used to struggle through problem-based projects, experiments and activities during class time. Instructors know students have read/ watched/ listened to the material because students will be unable to complete in-class group-based assignments without proper preparation.

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