SIP 7.6 The Class Notetaker

Dear Readers,

In January, the SIPsquad celebrated three full years of bringing Strong Instructional Practices to the MSU Denver community! As a special treat, we wanted to take you back to where it all began: SIP 1.1, The Class Notetaker.

This SIP and all past SIPs can be found on our website, The Well. Take a look and see how far we have come—and how many Strong Instructional Practices there are for you to choose from to enhance teaching and learning at MSU Denver every day.

While perusing The Well, don’t forget to click on “Submit your own SIP” for consideration for publication! The SIPsquad would love to hear what the talented MSU Denver faculty and staff are doing to support our students, and how you are contributing to our community of practice.

The SIPsquad

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