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SIP 3.10 Universally Designed “Value Rubric”

Cartoon character holding piece of paper with rubric written at the topi

Thirsty for a Strong Instructional Practice? After reading SIP 3.9 on differentiated assignments, you have decided to let your students design their own final products for your class. But now you are wondering: how in the world are you going to fairly and efficiently grade final products that are all different? How will you ensure …

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SIP 3.3 Gallery Walks for Structured Small Group Discussions

Thirsty for Strong Instructional Practice? Have you ever planned a class discussion only to find just a few students participating? Small, structured group discussions often work much better than whole class discussions. But, how can you provide this structure in a way that gets every student actively involved? Take a SIP of this: Gallery Walks …

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