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SIP 9.7 The 30-Second Deep Breathe

Thirsty for a Strong Instructional Practice? It started with an 8 am class. On a Monday. Following an icy, congested drive to campus and a classroom walk-run Hollywood style: cape-flying coat, computer bag slapping legs, mug sloshing coffee down sleeves. Out of breath, hand on the classroom door knob, lungs gulped an inhale and, involuntarily, …

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SIP 3.1 Graphic Syllabus

This image has information the course content, assignments, grading, policies, and required materials for a class.

Thirsty for Strong Instructional Practice? Traditionally syllabi have been brief outlines that listed the scope and sequence of course topics, readings and assignments. Today however, the syllabus has become a quasi-legal contract between a course instructor and the students exacting in grueling detail the rules, regulations, and expectations for class – from policies on laptop …

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